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Historical Photos of Bingham Canyon

Historical Photos of Bingham Canyon

St. Paul United Methodist Church (UMC) is a friendly church community located in the beautiful, historic town of Copperton, Utah, in the shadow of the everlasting Kennecott copper pit. Situated in the southwest part of the Salt Lake metropolitan area, Copperton and St. Paul retain a small town feel set apart from the urbanized city. We welcome all who seek a church home, a community of faith, and the opportunity to experience Christ’s love in their lives.

Are you are searching for meaning and a purpose for your life? Do you have all the stuff that you could ever need, but still feel lacking? Is there  emptiness inside you that can only be filled by God? Are you looking for a community that have committed to helping their neighbors here and around the world? If so, maybe you should consider visiting St. Paul United Methodist Church.

Worship at St. Paul

Worship is the chance we have to gather and celebrate – and thank God for all the good things that we have been blessed with. It is the highlight of our church week – a chance to rest from our work and spend time with God, and with our extended church family. There are probably as many types and styles of Christian worship as there are Christian churches, and most people are more comfortable with a style that fits with their traditions, experience, culture, and background.

St. Paul’s worship style could best be described as traditional Methodist. We use a traditional order of worship in that we have several scripture readings every Sunday based on the Lectionary, recitations of our Creeds, hymns, and other responsive readings. We have Communion/Eucharist/The Lord’s Supper every Sunday. Our communion table is open to all who desire God’s grace and mercy – you do not need to be a United Methodist or member of St. Paul’s to participate.

Our worship style is also relaxed. With our small congregation and part-time pastors, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our dress code is relaxed as well – suits and dresses are fine, but so are jeans. Our music program blends live performance with occasional recorded music. We  worship with a variety of music – traditional and contemporary – for the most part based on the United Methodist Hymnal and other Christian sources.

Children are welcome in our worship services. We have children’s handouts for those children too young to pay attention to the church service. From time to time, we have an adult Bible study class where we study books of the Bible or other relevant subjects. After worship we usually go downstairs to our multipurpose room for food and refreshments. Depending on what people bring, the refreshments might range from cookies and coffee to a full potluck meal. You are welcome to join us and spend time visiting and eating.

About United Methodists

United Methodists have almost three hundred years of experience at making the world a better place. John and Charles Wesley, our founders, started a reform movement in England in the 1700s to bring Christ’s love to those who were not being served by the existing English church. That movement quickly spread from England to America and took hold here.

From our beginning, church has meant more than just an hour on Sunday morning. It also includes an emphasis on striving to become a better person and helping a hurting world. Church is something we do, not just the building we meet in on Sunday. We are involved in ministry in our area and through our connections with other UMC congregations, around the world.

St. Paul UMC is a church in the Utah Sub district of the Mountain Sky Conference of the United Methodist Church. We are active in our communities and enjoy fellowship with the other UMC congregations and Christian churches around the world.

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