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We are always on the lookout for historical items that relate to St. Paul UMC, and found something on a recent trip to Wendover, Utah.  Wendover is the site of a former Army Air Base created during World War 2, just as Camp Kearns was.

As you know from our History page,  our building was once one of the base chapels at Camp Kearns, and was moved to Copperton after the war was over.  Just as Camp Kearns had base chapels, so did the Wendover base.  Driving around near the base we found a building that had once been a base chapel like our building, but is now a small apartment building.  Next door to that apartment building was a historical marker sign.  The sign, shown below, tells about the base chapel.  The picture on the sign show the interior of the chapel that looks a lot like the interior of our church.  The benches the people are sitting on look like the benches we have in our newly opened choir loft, leading us to conclude that they are original to our building. (click on the picture to see a larger version.)  If you know of another example of World War 2 era base chapels like ours, please let us know at our church email address, and be sure to include pictures if you can.


Sign from the chapel of the Wendover Army Air Base
Sign from the chapel of the Wendover Army Air Base

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